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Movie/Series Trailer Roundup: Russians, U-Boats, And The New Snowpiercer Series

Snowpiercer (Trailer #2)

The original movie is an underrated gem from Oscar winner Bong Joon Ho that was fucked up by Harvey Weinstein's meddling. Hopefully this show can capture some of that same magic. It stars Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connelly and Bong Joon Ho is an executive producer on the TNT show that airs on TNT May 17th.  

Braking for Whales

It's possible that this is a diamond in the rough that just has a bad trailer, but I don't know about this. Sean McEwen(Bernie) wrote and directed and the movie stars Tom Felton(Harry Potter) and Tammin Sursok (Pretty Little Liars).


I'm very lukewarm on Jim Parsons and very high on Samara Weaving, but this show looks…off. Social messaging is totally fine to have in a movie/series. Hell, that's literally what 'Snowpiercer' is all about. But this trailer really lacked any subtlety or touch to it. That lack of subtlety makes it feel sort of a gross, corporate attempt to seize the moment. Hopefully, that lack of subtlety is just a result of trailer-necessary exposition. This series drops May 1st on Netflix. 

Torpedo U-235

This is a Belgian movie starring, written and directed by a bunch of people you've never of, but it looks kind of enjoyable? It sort of looks like 'U-571' combined with 'Inglourious Basterds' except much worse than both. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Nazi killing never gets old. Show me them getting shot, stabbed, blown up etc. and I'll tune in every time.  

Castle in the Ground

If this is like advertised and explores the opioid crisis while giving a solid coming-of-age story, then I can't wait for it. It stars Imogen Poots(The Art of Self Defense), Alex Wolff(Hereditary) and Tom Cullen(Knightfall). Joey Klein directed this movie that releases May 15th. 

The Great

This looks like it could be a really funny treat. Elle Fanning is a great actress and I LOVED Nicholas Hoult in 'The Favourite', a movie that shares a lot of vibes with this show. That's not too surprising since they share a writer in Tony McNamara. Hulu sneaky puts out a lot of good original programming, and I'll be tuning into this show dropping on May 15th.