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April 24th Workout: For The Life Of Me I Can't Figure Out Why My Right Arm Is Stronger Than My Left

April 6 Weigh-In: 331 lbs

April 24 Weigh-In: 311 lbs

Happy Friday! It's an unbelievably gorgeous day and we still have Rounds 2 & 3 of the NFL Draft to bet on tonight. I'm not gonna lie my arms feel like total jello and I might have to lay off the arms for a few days because I may have potentially strained my left arm. For some reason my right arm is significantly stronger than my left. I have a few ideas of why but I just can't put my finger on it. Oh well. Today I had some Kodiak Cakes for breakfast (Protein pancakes) and they were absolutely delicious. I can't lie it felt so damn good to switch it up and eat pancakes and not feel incredibly guilty about it. Would definitely recommend them to those dieting and looking for a healthier alternative to pancakes. Also thanks to my QB1 Dave Portnoy I think I've got this weeks cheat meal.

Here's Today's Workout:

Bicep Curls (20-15-10)

Overhead Shoulder Press (20-15-10)

Tricep Extensions (20-15-10)

Bent Over Rows (20-15-10)

Bent Over Raises (20-15-10)

Shoulder Taps (20-15-10)

2.5 Mile Power Walk