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Best Sit-Down Chain Restaurant Bracket (Elite 8 VOTING OPEN)

We had a stunner in the bracket! Because of a little social media campaign, we have a 12-seed in the Elite Eight. Who will win? You decide...

The previous round, while open for a short time, had a shit load of votes. Let's stuff the ballot boxes again. A few rules reminders...

1. Vote for each matchup below
2. The round one winners were determined by audience vote
3. The restaurants in the bracket were determined by audience vote
4. The seeding was determined by audience vote
5. If your favorite restaurant isn't on here, it's likely not a sit-down chain or isn't a big enough national name
6. Enjoy, wash your hands, where your masks, and yell at me/argue in the comment section

I am a little surprised that Red Lobster beat P.F. Chang's, but then I remembered that we value the before-the-meal bread so much in this country. The Cheddar Bay Biscuit won this Sweet 16 matchup for the Lobster. It won't beat Chili's, though...

My Pick: 1-seed Chili's
My Prediction: 1-seed Chili's
Sweet 16 Upset Pick: None

I'm sorry, but with Red Robin out, this region fucking bores me. The bread-mindset is going to win out again, though, because Capital Grille has no chance against Olive Garden. The food is significantly better, but Capital Grille just isn't as popular and they don't have these...

My Pick: 1-seed Capital Grille
My Prediction: 
2-seed Olive Garden
Sweet 16 Upset Pick: 
2-seed Olive Garden 

WHAT AN UPSET! The super-regional chain Pluckers toppled Cheesecake Factory (actual score: 50.3% to 49.7%) thanks to the wing joint's social media channels campaigning hard for its victory. The 1-seed is well-liked, but it doesn't have a big enough cult-following to topple a campaign from a good Twitter feed.

Pluckers has met its match, though, because Outback Steakhouse is going to win with ease.

My Pick: 2-seed Outback Steakhouse
My Prediction: 2-seed Outback Steakhouse
Sweet 16 Upset Pick: None

Damn, Waffle House beat the living shit out of IHOP, while Texas Roadhouse barely beat the other Cinderella, Dave & Busters. Was this more about how much people dislike IHOP in comparison to Waffle House, or the momentum from Dave & Busters after two big upsets? I say the former, Texas Roadhouse is going to the Final Four.

My Pick: 2-seed Waffle House
My Prediction: 1-seed Texas Roadhouse
Sweet 16 Upset Pick: None

Voting will stay open until Sunday and you can also click this link (VOTE HERE) to give your input.

What's your favorite spot? What chain is your favorite to pull an upset or win the whole thing? Let us know...