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After Sleeping On It, I've Decided I'll Never Understand What The Packers Did Last Night

After a horrible night's sleep I've gathered my thoughts and am ready to think rationally. I will never, ever understand what the Packers did last night. I hope I'm laughably wrong and I'll be ready to eat my crow if Love ends up becoming Mahomes 2.0 but my brain cannot make any sense of what took place last night.

A football team decided to trade up to draft a QB instead of addressing current team needs following a 13-3 season where they fell one game short of the Super Bowl....and the current QB on the team, who is a future Hall of Famer, has four years left on a mega contract.  There was one single thing the Packers could have done last night to piss off Aaron Rodgers and they did it! They actually went out of their way to do it!

You know what the awesome thing is? The timing! The Packers will have to think about exercising Jordan Love's 5th year option while Rodgers deal is still not cuttable or trade-able.  This wasn't a move made so that Rodgers can retire peacefully when his four years are up. No, the Packers fully plan on replacing 12 with Love in the next 2-3 years and making this incredibly painful. I mean you do not do what you did last night unless you think that way.

After fighting with people on Twitter all night, I don't get those comparing this to Favre-Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers was supposed to be the number one overall pick that year. He fell to 24 into the Packers' lap. Rodgers was way more the prospect that Love is right now and he was the clear best available player at the time. Rodgers and Burrow were way closer to each other as prospects than Rodgers and Love are.

Jordan Love struggled in the Mountain West! Rodgers just came off a 13-3 season, just 60 minutes away from the Super Bowl. While adjusting to a brand new offense he threw for 4000 yards, 26 TDs and 4 picks. He still makes throws like this one IN THE PLAYOFFS.

That's also with limited receiving options that needed an upgrade! As in a first round upgrade! It's a completely different situation than Favre-Rodgers. If Joe Burrow fell from 1 to 26 you'd have no arguments from me. That's a no brainer move. Now you're either having Love sit 4 years which he won't be a fan of at all or you're telling Rodgers he's lost the commitment from the organization and his window to start has shrunk in half. Super. Awesome for team chemistry! Either way, you forfeited the chance to take a first round skill position player to help a Super Bowl contender right now. That part will never make sense to me. Jeudy, Lamb, Reagor, Jefferson, Kenneth Murray, Patrick Queen. Any of those guys were available if you traded up. Nope, got to take a QB and piss off the most important guy on the roster. 

Percent chance Rodgers picked up the phone last night to call Jordan Love? 

God bless whatever Danica had to deal with last night.

Now tonight the Packers will be forced to take a wide receiver. If they can grab Shenault from Colorado that will lessen the blow of all this because I would have taken him at 30 and I love him. The thing is they could have gone linebacker at 30 and WR at 62 and addressed two needs that will impact the upcoming season. That's typically what a Super Bowl contender does. They try to win now.