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How Bad Is Roger Goodell's Dancing on a Scale of 'Awful' to 'Literally the Worst'?

Dammit, Roger.

I actually think some of the ideas Goodell and the NFL had going into last night were pretty good for trying to make this year's NFL Draft seem at least somewhat normal. Having him try to lean into the joke of getting virtually booed was actually a good PR move in theory, but extremely awkward in practice.

But then once the Draft started, Goodell had a chance to make sure everything went relatively smoothly and as good as it could, given the circumstances. That is, until he mispronounced the last name of the most talked-about college football player of the last three years.

I would actually argue Tua had the easiest name in the Draft to pronounce, given how many times anyone who has watched a down of football since 2017 has heard it. But whatever.

Then that TikTok of Goodell and newly minted Denver Bronco Jerry Jeudy dancing to the Toosie Slide comes out. And I get that Goodell dancing with a 21-year-old is supposed to be bad in a funny way, but his dancing is just bad in a, "Oh God, please scroll to the next video as quickly as possible," way — although I do actually think things like that are a good way for the NFL to engage a younger audience with new players, but that's besides the point. His dancing sucks. I look forward to having the NFL Draft in person again where we can just watch him get picked up by comically sized men instead of trying the latest dance trends.

And yeah, I'm still mad the Falcons took A.J. Terrell at No. 16. Let's do better on Friday, everyone.