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Isaiah Wilson's Mom Should Have Been The No. 1 Overall Pick Of The NFL Draft After This Move Of Tossing A Girl Off Of His Lap

Isaiah Wilson went to the Titans at pick 29. Great, that's an awesome story. But his mom? I'm taking her No. 1 overall. Sorry Joe. But if I'm the Bengals I'm recalling the pick and taking Isaiah's mom here. Look at that. Just tossed her on off of that lap. And you know, YOU KNOW when the hand gets like this it means she's not playing 

Now, I don't want to be rude, but I don't want to say that's his girlfriend if they are not. All I know is mom gets first dibs. You don't get to sit there and get on Isaiah's lap. You didn't give birth to him - something I'm reminded be my wife quite often when my kid does something. This kid better be an NBA draft pick, that's all I know. But I digress. She went and just tossed her off of the damn screen. Moved her like nothing. That was a Hall of Fame move. They'll be showing this in film breakdowns for weeks. 

Easily the best video of the night. I will never stop laughing at her just lifting the girl up and throwing her out.