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Why, Chiefs? Why????

For what? For why?? How could the Chiefs do this to me? I was about to have a nice evening of slumber before this upsetting news. A running back in the first round?

This isn't a knock on Clyde Edwards-Helaire. He's a great prospect and should flourish in Kansas City. How many running backs can you say that about in this draft? All of them?? How many running backs on the planet wouldn't cook next to Mahomes/Kelce/Hill? Trent Richardson and who else? I can't think of a second. 

They could have added Xavier Mckinner or Grant Delpit to that secondary. They could have added Ross Blaylock or AJ Epenesa next to Frank Clark and Chris Jones on the defensive line. Offensive line help when you have an elite quarterback to protect is never a bad idea. And yet, a running back. And the third (or lower) ranked RB at that?

I can't wait for this to bite me in the ass when Edwards-Helaire becomes the first running back to rush for 3,000 yards in a season while also forgoing his salary. Boy, will there be egg on my face then!

Poor Damien Williams.