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BREAKING: The Green Bay Packers Have Quit On Aaron Rodgers

Live look at Aaron Rodgers

The team that was close to the Super Bowl, the team that has ZERO weapons for their franchise QB, just took...his replacement. Incredible. I am sure Aaron, who is totally an easy going and not a prima donna, will take this in stride. I can't wait to see how this plays out next year. Anyway you slice it, the end of the Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay is in sight. Praise be. 

PS: There's no way the Packers just drafted ANOTHER Hall of Fame QB, right? The footbal Gods wouldn't let that happen. They wouldn't let three generations of Bears fans have zero good QBs while the Packers go 40 years straight with stud QBs. Nope. Not possible. 

PPS: Aaron replaced by Jordan, but not his brother, another Jordan. The only Jordan that he might end up hating more than his brother, Jordan. Lots going on with this pick.