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Top 10 Best Moments From The 1st Round Of The 2020 NFL Draft

Last night was by far the most insane NFL Draft we've ever seen. We watched players get their names called from Roger Goodell's basement, cried to every pick after hearing about a player losing his family member, and we had some hilarious moments. Without further ado, here are the 10 best moments from the 1st round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

10. Packers Fan reaction to Jordan Love

I think this was all of Packer's fan reactions. I'm just glad one of them got to be on the Zoom call behind Roger and express it to the world! His lady friend was so supportive too! Poor guy didn't deserve this, and neither did the city of Green Bay. 

9. Coach Vrabel's Family

If this is how the Vrabel family dresses on Draft Day, I can't imagine what the family Christmas card looks like. One of Mike's son's is rocking a mullet, khaki shorts, and his dad's Pro Bowl jersey. The other son looks like he's about to do a BIRD UP! segment with Eric Andre! Oh, and if you look closely, you will see someone casually shitting in the bathroom. Or as they say in the south, "Dropping some wolf bait".

8. Isaiah Wilson's Mom Shoving This Lady Out Of The Camera

I love this so much. If you think a girl that's been dating Isaiah for maybe a year is worthy of hugging him first before the Moma, then you are wrong. Get this blonde woman off the camera and toss her in the corner of the couch! A Mom and son hugging after seeing their dreams come true should never be ruined by the girlfriend. At least, that's how I see it.

7. Freeze Cam

The silent response was bound to happen, and I'm surprised it didn't happen more often! Trey was so excited to share an amazing story about a player, and just like that, Zoom had to timeout for a quick second. I'd argue this was better than Steve Harvey choosing the wrong Miss Universe! 

6. "We have a special message…oh, nevermind"

This was my personal favorite moment from last night. After watching the introduction of the Draft and seeing all of these players have their loved ones honored from a death every 2 minutes, we knew we were riding a never ending emotional rollercoaster. Just when we thought Trey Wingo had another tearful story ready, it turned out to be a false alarm. Oh well.

5. Tua Tuaglaflasfjaejfeafa 

Roger may have been off the Bud Light early, but he pronounced Tua's last name a lot better than I did on my first try. Maybe his wife wrote the name cards a little too small? Either way, it reminded me of when Clark Griswold got his holiday bonus near the end of Christmas Vacation and the mailman went full gibberish on his last name.

4. Tristan Wirfs Showing Off His Pool Hops!

Iowa athletes are just "different". Who needs a highlight tape when you can watch the 6'5", 320 pound lineman hop out of a pool with ease! I can't even get out of a pool without using the ladder, but that's because I'm mangled. Easily the most athletic thing I've seen in a fat minute.

3. Henry Ruggs Getting Drafted In A Bathrobe.

Henry Ruggs was swagged out. This is how you rock a Quarantine fit! There's nothing better than being a sponsor for Old Spice right out of college, and possibly be the comfiest you can be while getting drafted in the 1st round. Must be nice to hop out of a shower and get selected to the NFL! 

2. Mr. Kinlaw's Stop Drop and Roll!

I've never seen a father fall to the ground after celebrating his son's accomplishments since Ron Hunter fell out of his stool when his son RJ hit that 3 against Baylor in March Madness! Mr. Kinlaw should be a Stop, Drop, and Roll instructor for elementary students! 10/10 execution. 

1. The Phone Snatch.

Undeniably the greatest moment of the night. While Ceedee "I Got 2 Phones" Lamb was probably answering a call from Mike McCarthy, his girlfriend thought it would be a great time to grab his personal phone and tweet out the news. NOT SO FAST WOMAN. Besides dignity, every male knows the only thing that's worth protecting is his personal cellular device. It sucks to say, but we have messages, photos, and videos shared with our closest male friends that's simply forbidden to the ladies. Trust me, it's for the best. Even though CeeDee had to lie on Twitter, we understand and appreciate his quick hands.