Zac Taylor Is Getting Absolutely Roasted By The Internet For Drafting From A Hotel Desk

I was just cracking it to Kliff Kingsbury's draft setup when I came across this and immediately lost my stroke. 

That's Zac Taylor. Head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals and apparently the proud owner of a modest 2-bed, 2-bath suburban townhome featuring a finished basement and wall-to-wall carpeting. Ladies and gentlemen eat your fucking heart out:

I got buddies that take fantasy drafts more serious than this. It's absolutely flabbergasting which is actually a word believe it or not. 

Another thing you can believe: twitter made sure Coach Taylor knew his set up sucked. Here's some examples of times I laughed out loud reflecting on the situation:

Can someone confirm or deny that he's texting using T9 in that picture? I heard a rumor he prefers the simplicity.