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Hey Howie Roseman....

For fucks sake, man. None of the receivers were off the board by pick #12. That's precisely when your coward ass should have started working the phone. Then Ruggs goes to Vegas. Whatever. Breaks my heart but whatever. Then Jeudy goes to Denver even though you guys clearly tried to leak the story about his knee just so his draft stock would potentially drop to 21. Gruden didn't fall for it. Whatever. 

But then you let that smug son of a bitch Jerry Jones step up to the plate and take CeeDee Lamb away from you with pick 17? Hey, Howie. Jerry Jones just made a fool out of you. He just pulled your little dick out and jerked you off in front of everyone. Goodness gracious. Coward. 

Sidenote: I knew I shouldn't have written this blog. Fuck.