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Ryan Pace Gives A Tour Of The Bears Draft War Room(His Dining Room) And I Have Some Concerns

So that is the set up. That is the room that will determine the future of the Bears. The Bears will do everything from Ryan Pace's dining room that he has kicked his family out of for the weekend. Let's take a look

First things first...I have concerns about the chair

That just a regular dining room table chair. Fancy. Well covered. Maybe a white leather which is a bold dining room choice, especially on pasta night, but you gotta have a specialty chair for tonight. You need a chair on wheels. You gotta be able to easily slide, over from monitor to monitor. You don't want Pace leaning over to the far left monitor and having to squint to see who is still available after 4 hours of drafting. Get on Amazon and order a real, comfortable, reclining, office chair with wheels that spins. You're going to be there for 72 hours. Mobility is huge. 

Concern #2...too many windows and possible glare

It won't be a problem for the first two rounds which are all at night, but there is NOTHING worse than glare on your screen. Don't care if that is on your TV, computer, or 7 monitors responsible for the future of the organization. The key here will be the curtains. Are those grey curtains in the corner functional black out curtains or are they just decorative show curtains that his wife picked out? We'll find out on saturday

Concern #3...the phone

It's a fine phone. I just don't like the idea of Pace with a direct line to all 31 GMs. He has an itchy trigger finger. Need to give that phone the office space printer treatment pre-draft

Concern pad of paper on the desk

That is a GREAT looking table. I would be honored to work at a desk like that. Solid. Plent of room. He has a nice cup of pens at the ready behind the laptop, but no paper anywhere. Gotta be able to make fake depth charts and map out scenarios and do doodles when you're bored. Maybe it's just not pictured. 

Another concern with that spitter. Again, maybe just not pictured, but if you're at the desk for 4+ hours a day you need a nicotine boost to keep you locked in. 

Concern #5...the guitar

I just don't like adults who play guitar. Like, come on dude. Who are you trying to impress

 Concern #6...The all-22 scouting computer

That looks like he's scouting Michingan State. MSU sucks. Don't draft any of their guys. 

Other than those things and not really having any picks, everything looks great. Can't wait to see who the Bears pick up! Cole Kmet no matter what.