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What Tradition From Your Fantasy Football Draft Do You Wish Teams Had To Do Tonight?

With a few hours to go until the NFL Draft kicks off 

it got me thinking. Since this will be a weird virtual draft it's basically a real life version of your fantasy football draft. Shit is going to get weird. There was a time in one of my leagues where someone had to draft from a McDonald's because he's poor as shit and barely has functioning internet. Now the beauty of fant is when you're in a league long enough there are usually traditions for the draft. For example, I've been in two leagues since college. That's a cool like 12+ years which makes me feel old as shit. In one of the leagues for every draft we have a simple tradition/rule. It's not something super original or anything like that, but boy does it fuck you up. It essentially works like this. We have an iPad next to this giant draft board with a timer and after every selection you have to reset the timer. If you don't and it runs out you are required to take a shot. Sounds easy right? Wrong. You'd be surprised how often you forget to reset that timer. By the 5th round you've taken way more shots that you probably should and you start getting weird with your selections. 

It'd be pretty awesome if real NFL GMs had to do this same thing tonight. It's going to be a shit show anyways, why not bring that element into the fold.

We all have league traditions, so what would you bring over from your drafts?