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I Think This Is My New Favorite Scottie Pippen Story Of All Time

They wanted to make sure that Scottie understood what the roll of the ambassador was because Scottie's never been the warmest guy in the world when it came to autographs and stuff like that. The way the story goes they went out to lunch on Madison at West End or one of those places. When fans come up to you, you have to take pictures. You have to be warm. You have to be friendly. You have to visit some suites. And they talked and were all on the same page and they had this handshake agreement and they signed. And then so they're driving back to the United Center and there are people around the Michael Jordan statue in the parking lot. All these fans. And Scottie says to them Hey can you drive me around to the side so I can get in? He just signed on and already 20 minutes later he didn't want to go in the regular door because he wanted to avoid the fans. 

First and foremost, everyone in Chicago is cheering for Marc Silverman as he starts his fight against cancer. That includes everyone here at Barstool Chicago. He's been such a great friend and supporter to our efforts for as long as we can remember. 

Whenever we've asked for help or reached out, Silvy has always been there. That includes this week when we invited him onto Red Line to break down the MJ doc literally moments before he announced his cancer diagnosis on air. Naturally we felt like idiots so we tried to take the invitation back but Silvy wouldn't allow it. NO WAY LETS DO IT. Even with the world turned upside down, Silvy made time for Red Line and delivered one of my favorite interviews in show history. 

The story above is one of many Silvy tells this week with a big theme filling in the personality gaps from what we've learned in the MJ doc so far. Was Krause really that big of dickhead? How bad did MJ really torment him? Where was Reinsdorf during all this? Silvy's perspective as the fanatically obsessed local kid turned beat reporter is literally dripping with insight and Holy Shit moments. 

This Scottie one is notable because we get into Reinsdorf's relationship dynamic with front office employees and the superstars. Gar Foreman is the GM for 22 years but Phil Jackson just HAD to go. Kenny Williams is loved but Ozzie Guillen isn't? Why isn't ever Saturday day game Frank Thomas Day? And then you find out Scottie ends up on the Bulls payroll despite not possessing any of the requisite skills to perform the job and your brain starts throbbing. None of it makes any sense, and because that, it makes all the sense when talking Reinsdorf.

Listen here: