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Barstool Sports Hears Rory McIlroy & Dustin Johnson vs Rickie Fowler & Matt Wolff Skins Game Coming May 17th

Wow huge news if accurate (it is). I'm not 100% on the date or the venue but my sources/rumors/instincts/whatever you want to call them are solid. This thing is happening. All Taylormade connections. Rory has a BIG deal with NBC. It all makes sense.

If there's one sport to be able to pull small events off, it's golf. There's natural social distancing and no real contact. 

Now, this all comes just a day after it was confirmed Tiger Woods & Peyton Manning will play against Phil Mickelson & Tom Brady next month, also for COVID relief. I'll take any sports I can get right now, especially golf. I think Rory McIlroy is legit one of the best figures in all of golf. He's GREAT, he's got swagger, he's a nice young Northern Irish chap, he's honest and deeply raw. He's awesome. He's a no brainer.

DJ is fascinating to watch play, but is he interesting to hear talk? (no). Will they even waste time mic'ing him up? Especially if they're on a tight budget?

Rickie's a golf megastar. He and JT's IG stories from spring break to playing lefty are must-watch. He makes sense.

Then there's Matthew Wolff. His unorthodox swing draws eyeballs. And if you're deep in golf content, you've seen him show some personality, some humor, some intrigue. 

But this isn't Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady & Peyton Manning. I'd pay $100 to watch Tiger pump gas. I'd pay a thousand to watch him pump.... nevermind. Point is every single time that man moves a muscle or activates a thought it should be on television. 

Phil's hilarious. Tom Brady's the GOAT. Peyton does a lovely Nationwide jingle.

Overall, I love it. It's good. It's great. But part of me thinks maybe these 2 events could have worked together to really blow it out and deliver some of the first sport to the people in a MEGA way.