I Know It's His Objective, But Colin Cowherd's Troll Job of Joe Burrow Is Starting To Piss Me Off

Are you out of your GOURD??? Uncle Colin decided probably in the first half of the College Football National Championship 'OK, I've got to make my stance on Joe Burrow and this is what it's going to be'. 

He's taken his Baker Mayfield approach somehow to Joe Burrow. I get that it's his job to divide, conquer, and piss people off. He relishes that I'm writing this blog right now, but I just can't help but call him out on a take this phony. 

How can you put Joe Burrow in the top 5 riskiest picks...in THE ENTIRE DRAFT? I mean what the fuck. 

Basically his argument has been that Joe Burrow had a perfect scenario around him last year and that he's going to a historically bad franchise in Cincinnati. 

What part of that is any different at all with a guy like Tua? Tua, who had injury problems in college, is going to be going to either Detroit, Miami, or the friggin' Chargers and somehow he's got it all figured out?

Tua behind that mighty stout Chargers O-line. Yeah, that's going to work out perfectly. 

C'mon Cowherd. Let's call it what it is. You had to be on one side or the other of this QB debate, your analogies lined up more for Tua, so that's where you fell. 

Burrow is big, he can move, he doesn't turn it over a lot, and his accuracy is insanely elite. He's a kind of guy that turns a bad situation into a good one. 

No Joe Burrow slander on my timeline.