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LET SPIRAL HAM RUN: The Kentucky Derby Will Be Doing A Simulated Race At Churchill Downs With All 13 Triple Crown Winners

I don't think it's necessarily a secret that I love horse racing. Pretty sure you could put two and two together with me going to Kentucky, it's sort of a law there. That or if you've tuned in to Photo Finish with Blackjack and Paul Lo Duca the last few Saturday's and saw my mug on there. So the Kentucky Derby being delayed has been massive news (I miss Keeneland more, because it's a month and you can actually attend like a normal person). Not necessarily a surprise that they are going to do a virtual race and I love the twist of the 13 Triple Crown winners. 

But they need to include one horse and one horse only

As someone who has been to Derby multiple times I gotta admit - it has nothing on the Cat Cave Derby. Sure, you can talk about the twin spires and the infamous look of Churchill. But does it have Stella? Does it have baby toys in the background? I don't think so. You can't replicate real like that. 

Secretariat has gotta be the favorite here though, right? 

Make it happen - the winner of this vs the winner of the Cat Cave Derby that day. Find out who the real best horse is.