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TBT To That Time Rasheed Wallace Got Ejected For Simply Looking At A Referee

It is definitely throwback season. All type of old highlights and games are making the rounds. I saw this clip going around the internet last night and it made me laugh out loud. NOBODY was better at getting tossed than Rasheed Wallace. The GOAT. You always measure the greats by deciding if they fundamentally changed the game. Well Sheed did that. They literally put in a Rasheed Wallace rule after he got 41 techs in a single season. Now, if you get 16 techs you're suspended for a game. A player trying to break Sheed's record would run out of games to get said technical fouls because of suspensions. His tech record is literally unbreakable. He will be in the history books forever. It's got a Gretzky-esque quality to it and this T right here should be in the record book right next to. An ejection for saying "I will fucking kill you in the parking lot" with only his eyes.