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Coronavirus Lockdown Policy Breakdown with D.C. Insider

Today on Hard Factor News, the boys were joined by Policy Insider, Regulation Renegade, and Senior Manager and Podcaster at The R Street Institute, a D.C. based Think Tank, Shoshana Weissmann.  

Shoshana specializes in local government regulation as well as Digital media and communications for R Street and has written for USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.  She's also not your typical Big J Journo and she sure makes that evident right off the bat with her purple hair, whacky virtual background switching, and her colorful way of talking about policy.  

She likes to make the news and politics fun, just like the Hard Factor crew, and is currently battling legislators over policy reform that would loosen up regulations on Doctors and Nurses, allowing them to access more patients and do more to help them.  She was a perfect guest to have on today's episode, as we've been talking a lot about opening up the country and how businesses can operate in an alternate fashion, i.e. Sex workers, and Shoshana has more than just the inside scoop on a lot of that.  

While most of the results are temporary, as they're put in effect as executive orders, most of Shoshana's work will have a long-lasting impact when it comes to getting the virus under control and preventing it from having another surge.  

Her job isn't easy, and that goes for all the jobs she does.  Outside of policy reform, writing and podcasting, Shoshana helps D.C. officials with social/digital media strategy and reputation management, as well as video and graphic design.   

"'s so hard to get rid of regulations, just in any case.  It's a lot easier to get stuff in than to take it out... It's like eating too much at P.F. Changs or something." 

I think she means she can't poop after P.F. Changs but I'm trying not to read too far into that.  

Fighting to deregulate anything is always an uphill battle, she said.  You're fighting the government, who has unlimited money, and you're trying to get them to undo something that may have taken them years to get done.  It's a commendable effort, for sure.  Fighting for Healthcare workers isn't the only thing Shoshana is working on either.  She's also fighting to help everyday non-heroes like us, get back to our normal lives.  

Licensing reform is another issue right now, and Shoshana is specifically working on helping salon care workers protect their licenses and the ability to work when things die down.  She published a piece a few months back discussing how the "staffer who blow dries mark Zuckerberg's armpits before speeches is actually committing a crime in most states."

"…In every state but two, it's illegal to blow dry hair without a license." 

She doesn't just tackle the basic stuff and is very expansive in her work, as you can tell.  She joined the guys for a 30-minute interview at the top of today's show and it's definitely worth watching. 

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