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My WAY TOO EARLY 2022 Mock Draft

The NFL Draft is tonight, and Steven Cheah has had us covered on mock drafts throughout the offseason with his final one coming together this morning. 

But if you're anything like me, you've already moved on. No I'm not talking about the 2021 NFL Draft because that's already covered. 

Once tonight's first round is over, or hell even after your team picks mid first round, you'll be drawn to the search tab on your phone without even really knowing why to search for the predictions on next year's draft. 

The magic of the mock. 

But is next year enough? You can never have enough mock so I wanted to get a leg up on the competition and give you my WAY TOO EARLY PREDICTIONS for the 2022 NFL Draft

1. Washington - Quarterback from the SEC

Dwayne Haskins will be added to the laundry list of R-word signal callers that have been drafted with a lot of hope that end up flaming out after poor management and decision making does them no favors. No worries - a quarterback who has been sitting at an SEC powerhouse for a year after his redshirt freshmen season only to be named the started and surrounded by the best talent in the country for a year all while playing a cupcake home schedule and only challenging games at a neutral site will surely do the trick in reviving this tired franchise. 

2. Cincinnati Bengals - Pass rusher from the Big Ten

Despite drafting Joe Burrow in 2020 the Bengals have yet to put it all together. They take note of Chase Young's dominance in Washington and say "hey we've got the QB, now we need to get the guy that GETS the QB." 

3. New York Giants - Boring Offensive Tackle

Daniel Jones gets the gym teacher to his principal. The two will make for meme magic for years to come as they both enter the stadium with their khakis and long sleeve blue button downs. You want to hate them, but they're just too goofy to really make you mad They look like a combo you'd trust if your daughter went on a little couples date with them. You know that the QB-blindside protection battery will consistently be the talk of the season that never amounts to much so you kind of just chuckle and say "well at least we got Saquon". 

4. Detroit Lions - Wide Receiver

The Lions come back to their early 2000's form and try to finally replace Megatron. In an all-time classic Lions move, they've skipped out on trying to draft Tua or Herbert in 2020 and now have put the carriage before the horse for some reason. "It's a passing league and we're just trying to CATCH up" their GM says sarcastically to a fanbase that doesn't even care anymore. 

5. New York Jets - Corner That's A Bust

Finally they get their "missing piece" on a defense who had too many defensive lineman so they had to trade one to the Giants in 2019. This pick would have been nice three years ago, but now Jamal Adams is a Cowboy and this kid is now left out on an island - and no we're not talking Revis Island. 

6. Las Vegas Raiders - Someone From Clemson

"I tell you what, man" Jon Gruden says with a big smile "this kid is my kinda guy, man" and that makes him good enough to be the sixth pick overall. In all reality "this kid" played at Clemson and has a cool football name that'll sound good when Gruden says it on TV. He killed at the Combine so Mayock fell in love and uses words and phrases like "5 star kind of player" on reasons for drafting him. 

7. New England Patriots - White Guy

No surprise here. The Patriots continue their rebuild by taking a slobberknocker linebacker from Wisconsin with too many consonants in his last name or an Iowa lineman that looks like the big kid from the cartoon 'Recess' all grown up. 

8. Miami Dolphins - Great College Player We'll Never Hear From Again

Dion Jordan. Christian Wilkins. DeVante Parker. Charles Harris. Minkah Fitzpatrick BEFORE he escaped to Pittsburgh. This is where elite college players go to an early retirement on South Beach and I expect that trend to continue in 2022. 

9. Jacksonville Jaguars - Running Back from Florida

Leonard Fournette didn't work out so let's give it another shot. It's an added bonus that he was a star at Florida because they try to draft a Gator at least once a year plus half the people (not even fans) that fill their stadium are just UF fans who get a discount on Florida-Georgia tickets if they buy Jags season tickets so might as well. It's a minor miracle Tebow was never a Jag. 

10. Cleveland Browns - A Tight End Who Can't Catch

More weapons for Baker Mayfield. The Browns try to add another pass catching mismatch that will inevitably clash with the brash quarterback and fade into "oh he's still out there" territory for fantasy drafts everywhere by the start of his third season.