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The Only Stat You Need To Know About Potential 1st Round Pick Jacob Eason - He's The Self-Proclaimed No. 1 Fan Of Blake Lively

[Dawg Nation] - The nearly 6-foot-6 signal caller calls himself “the No. 1 fan” of actress Blake Lively. He’s tweeted about her often and told DawgNation an ideal Christmas gift would’ve been a Lively movie collection. A Lively calendar wouldn’t have required a gift receipt either. He also brought along a Lively poster for his college room at college. Eason even admitted he’s seen every “Gossip Girl” episode, too. 

Are these examples old? Yes, but I don't care. Why? Well, two reasons. First, I was watching NFL Network this morning when they were doing an interview with him and they started it off with 'huge Blake Lively fan.' I was intrigued. What could that mean? Was there something out there I was missing? So I did the natural blogger thing. Search every which way on Twitter and the Internet to do some digging. 

Oh yeah, Jacob Eason fucking loves Blake Lively. You know what? I don't blame him. Hubbs once called her the perfect girl to exist based on her role in Accepted: 

I'll tell you what, as someone who has done some scouting for different organizations (NBA Draft only) I list this as a pro. Why? Because you want your quarterback to be confident. Shake off any interception. Shake off any bad play. Shoot for the stars. I want a gunslinger at quarterback. I want a guy who knows he's QB1 and viewed Blake Lively as someone he should love. You think he gives a shit if people mock him about being the self-proclaimed No. 1 Blake Lively fan in the world? I don't think so. 

Eason was a borderline 1st round/early 2nd round pick coming into this? After this interview and this research he's now qb 3 at worst.