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Jayson Werth Just Changed the Steal Second Base Game Forever



Sneaky sneaky, Jayson Werth. When 9 pounds of hair weigh you down, you gotta keep revolutionizing the stolen base game. No better way than to 1-2 step your way into swiping a bag. Astros bro had out Werth by a mile until Werth dip, ducked, and dodged his way into the bag. That leg kick at the end was fucking majestic. Even the Russian judge gave it an 8.2. I wonder if this can become a thing that more people begin using? Think about it..every 2nd baseman and short stop is programmed just to swipe. So if base runners start messing up that programing, start changing the timing on their slides, they’ll have everyone confused. Short stops covering the bag will start hesitating when they should be swiping, french frying when they should be pizza’ing. Stealing bases will never be the same again.