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Netflix Announced A New Seinfeld Stand Up Special During Quarantine & For That I Can Be Thankful

This is good. This is very good. I'm beginning to learn that quarantine is sort of a give & take game. One second a highly-anticipated movie or show you couldn't wait for is being delayed until I may be married with kids, but then again there's a lot of good stuff dropping as well like the Last Dance and now a new Jerry Seinfeld Netflix Special on May 5th.

Yup, you read that right. May 5th. So while we'll all be cooped up in our houses celebrating Cinco De Mayo via Zoom at least we'll have a Seinfeld Stand-Up Special to watch once you're inevitably the last person left in the Zoom after everyone departs to do boring shit like read a book or go to sleep. 

And all in all this was actually a pretty dope trailer for a stand-up special. I'd have to assume the special trailer game ain't so easy, yet Jerry came out swinging with this whole international villain thing before pounding some junk comedy club food at the end offering his villainous friend some tips on how to be funny. I do gotta say one complaint is that he's STILL banging home these bathroom stall jokes on why the doors don't just touch the ground. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't George complain to Susan about that on Seinfeld literally 25 YEARS AGO! For some reason I like it a lot more when Larry David reuses old Seinfeld ideas on Curb like the Car Periscope rather than Jerry using 'em in a special...that's just me. 

Nonetheless...exciting stuff. I'll be over waiting & praying that it's anything as remotely cool as Jerry before Seinfeld when he spread out all his comedy notes he's ever written in his life across a whole city street. Very cool stuff. High recommend as well.