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Lance McCullers Has No Choice Other Than Fighting His Delivery Driver For What He Did To His Burrito

It's about time a player on the Astros suffered a penalty for their disgusting cheating ways, I just didn't think Rob Manfred would resort to this. So during the MLB The Show Players League, Lance McCullers shared some absolute disgusting news about his soon to be dinner with the Royals Brett Phillips, and Robert Flores. McCullers had Chipotle delivered to his house while playing some games, and when he opened it up he discovered every persons worst fear when ordering food. THE DELIVERY DRIVER ATE PART OF HIS BURRITO.

McCullers called it a "Jaws Bite", and he's not really lying. Look at that chomp. Did the driver now think anyone would notice? If it's a bowl, I get that you can maybe grab a scoop of chicken, sour cream, hot sauce, corn, and tomatoes, mush the bowl back together and you're fine. But a burrito? I mean theres no chance you can hide that. What an unreal move by the driver. He said his wife almost got sick after already eating her bowl, after realizing what could have happened to her food. This isn't like grabbing a few fries from the bag before you get home so your wife doesn't yell at you for eating ALL of them, this is unwrapping a burrito and taking a massive bite. The driver should have just taken the burrito if he wanted it that bad. I've never seen someone live by the "One Bite" slogan so hard. 

Seriously though, this is pretty messed up for the driver. With the amount of people ordering through delivery services right now, I'm sure this happens every now and then, but taking a full bite out of a burrito, wrapping it up and dropping it off to a pro athlete who's streaming for thousands of people isn't the best move. Just take the whole thing and say Chipotle didn't give it to you or something. Ultimate scumbag move by this delivery guy. McCullers has to throw down with him.

PS. We have to talk to Brett Phillips about his laugh...