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Throwback Thursday: MJ Insinuates His Mom Banged The Milkman On Letterman

Back in like 3rd grade when my friends and I discovered what a hot chick was, we realized that my friend Mike had a hot mom. We never let him hear the end of it. Any time we were on the playground at recess or in the woods starting things on fire we'd be like "Hey Mike we like your mom's tits" and shit like that. Then American Pie came around and we referred to her as a MILF. 

To this day we give him shit about her, and to this day he wants to go on a murderous rampage when we do. But guess what? That's exactly how it should be. That's how the world should work. We should goad him about his mom's great rack and tight ass, he should want to kill us for said goading. 

But MJ talking about his mom sleeping with the milkman is fucked up, and not because it's a son talking about his mother getting drilled out in an extra marital affair. It's because it completely screws up the dynamic of a friend group when a bangable mom enters the equation. How are MJ's friends supposed to make fun of him for his mom banging milkmen, mailmen and other deliverymen when he is too? They can't. That's what we call "a Papa Doc".

Look, I love Michael Jordan. If not for him, the early years of my life would have been completely pathetic as a sports fan. But what the fuck MJ??? How can you go on one of the most popular late night shows ever and insinuate your mother had an affair with the milk man and spawned you, the GOAT?  I mean even if it were true you're talking about you mom getting stuffed. That's not a visual anyone not named Sigmund Freud wants to think about. And to do it all willy nilly like MJ did? That's just weird bub. You should leave that to your asshole friends to talk about, because those are societal rules. That's how it should be.