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Shaq Went On TV And Put Out This Message For His BFF Charles Barkley - 'I Miss His Ass. He Has A Flat Ass. We Gotta Get Him Booty Shorts.'

(starts around 10 minute mark) 

Excuse me here, but what? Charles Barkley has a flat ass? The mound round of rebounding? The man who loves chicken wings? You're telling me this guy has a flat ass? 

How fat does Chuck have to be for Shaq? That said, I miss it too, buddy. There is no better show on TV than Inside the NBA. It's perfect. Ernie Johnson knows exactly how to host that show and let these guys go at each other and off the rails before bringing it all back together. They know how to be serious when needed to. You also have two absolute legends with Chuck and Shaq on there. 

It warms my heart hearing they are annoying best friends though. That's how I want to picture it. I want to know these guys are exactly what you see on TV. I blogged Kendrick Perkins yesterday saying we need more of that. People on TV just acting like themselves. That's what we get with everyone on Inside the NBA. It's why you have to watch pregame and postgame because you never know what the hell is going to be said. 

Good luck picturing Barkley in anything other than booty shorts after this comment though. Remember, Shaq roasted his thong pants already: 

PS: This was mean, but accurate