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Get Your Hopes Up With A Bunch Of Henry Ruggs III Highlights, Eagles Fans

Howie Roseman STINKS at drafting. He took over the GM position in 2010 and aside from the 2015 Draft which Chip took over, has been the general in the draft day war room. And sure, there are some key players Howie has gotten in the 1st round like Fletcher Cox, Lane Johnson, Brandon Graham and Carson Wentz. But for the most part, Howie Roseman is absolute dog shit when it comes to the draft. 

And would you like to know why? It's pretty simple actually. 

Over the course of Howie Roseman's tenure as the Philadelphia Eagles general manager, he has never once drafted someone out of the University of Alabama. Not a single player. Which is absolutely fucking preposterous given the fact that Howie took over the job in 2010 and the Tide have won 5 National Championships since 2009. So technically we'll go with 4 titles since Howie Roseman has been the GM of the Eagles. So Alabama has won just as many National Championships as Howie Roseman has made decent 1st round picks in the draft in that same amount of time. GROSS. 

So that changes tonight. It needs to change tonight. For once in his goddamn life, Howie Roseman needs to realize that his brain stinks on this night and he just needs to trust in Saban. And sure, obviously Henry Ruggs or Jerry Jeudy would be my preferred picks but if neither of them are available at 21 and Howie didn't decide to move up, just take anybody from Tuscaloosa. It's time for the Eagles to be Built By Bama and I'm going to be absolutely fucking gutted when it ends up being Brandon Aiyuk. 

Fly Eagles Fly x Dixieland Delight