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Drake Has a $400,000 Bed. What Would Be Your "Must Haves" If You Were that Rich?

(COMPLEX) Dubbed "Grand Vividus," the $395,000 bed was produced by Hästens—a fifth-generation, family-owned Swedish bed-maker with more than 350 locations worldwide.

Adolfsson said each Hästens mattress is intended to last between 50-100 years, and is made from natural material such as horse hair, wool, cotton, and flax. He also points to the height of Hästens' mattress springs, which feature a higher number of coils for extra support and comfort. 

Just because you can afford it, would you deem a 400K bed worth it if you were as rich as Drake? Barstool Indoors would say yes

Personally, I'd pass on this bed, even if it does come with complimentary bed flippers:

Hästens will also send a team to a customer's house three to five times a year to flip and massage the mattress … at no cost.

With my current income I can already get my maid in China (Hu Ayi, ever heard of her?) to flip and massage my bed once a week for roughly $6 dollars an hour. However, the main reason I wouldn't splurge for the Grand Vividus is because a bed can only be so comfortable right? I'm sure there's a HUGE difference between a $500 and a $5000 dollar mattress, but once you spend 10K or more you start to hit "maximum comfort level". Very similar to how once you spend more than $30 on a bottle of wine the difference in quality gets a little blurry. Blindfolded I'd be able to identify a $10 bottle from a $35 one, but a $35 bottle from a $200 bottle? No chance. That means my wine pallet is somewhere in between the "finer things club" and "low class, scum bag, thinks wine has hops, bum" taste like Hank.

But obviously if I was Drake rich, or even Dave Portnoy rich, I would want some finer things. So here is what I would be perfectly fine with spending a shit ton of money on. 

1. Food

 I may not be a wino, but I am an unabashed foodie. 

I've never regretted spending too much on food if it's truly delicious. I love walking around fancy cheese/cured meat shops loading up on free samples till the cashier gives me that "get out of my shop you dirty peasant" look. Fine dining experiences stick with me for weeks. I still reminisce about the focaccia grilled cheese and pasta I had at the "Fox & Knife" in South Boston last summer 

as well as the fresh sushi I got from 7-11 in Japan this past Christmas. 

If I had stupid money I would eat at places like this every day until I'm sick of them and then move on to equally impressive establishments.

2. Travel

If you haven't noticed I enjoy traveling. To quote the annoying girl from your high school who just returned from one week in Cancun:

Thus if I was wealthy I'd travel even more but would start staying at nicer places than Chungking Mansions

An experience isn't worth much if it gives you PTSD, which I get from just looking at the cover of the above video. 

3. Ocean front property

I don't need Jeff Bezos's 68 million dollar Manhattan mansion, 

or Tom Brady's land locked Montana ranch, 

 just give me a house with ample ocean views and I'm Gucci. There's nothing more calming than staring at the ocean and science still hasn't found a better hangover cure than a sea-tox. I mean what's the point of even having a house in Nantucket if it's not on the water Dave? 

Don't fret though, If you stop day trading immediately you may still be able to afford one. 

4. A Boat

Ya i know the upkeep is a bitch but how else are you gonna have boat beers. the only beers better than termies, if you don't have a boat. And if you're Drake rich you can have someone else take care of the maintenance. Plus, if I ever want a change in scenery, it's more or less a fancy aquatic mobile home. Want to visit family? Dock it in Boston. Want to visit co-workers? Dock it in NYC. Want to get blind drunk with my good friend Captain Morgan? Cruise it down to the Bahamas.

5. A Gigantic Pool.

This is one thing I respect about Drake. When he was shopping for his first LA mansion his first priority was the size of his pool. 

"I'm obsessed with, like, residential pools. One of my goals in life is to have the biggest residential pool on the planet."

Mission accomplished.

The ocean is nice but it's in god's hand. Sometimes it's too cold, sometimes it's too wavy. A pool on the other hand lets you go hippo mode and throw parties in a controlled environment. 

5. A Spacious kitchen with a large island in it. 

Not to put my parents on blast, but growing up our kitchens were always a little cramped. If more than two people tried cooking in it at the same time there would be multiple collisions. The key to a comfortable kitchen is a giant island in the middle and Drake has that covered.

And that's about it. See, I'm pretty salt of the earth. 

P.S. Here Are More Things I Wouldn't Spend My Money On:

1. Uber expensive watch

You can get a nice looking watch for $100-$200 that will tell the time equally as accurate. I personally find these wooden and stainless steel watches pretty classy and they're only $150. 

2. Fancy Clothes

Currently some of my favorite articles of clothing were purchased at Kohl's. If I was rich I'd probably start shopping at slightly nicer outlets (and would no longer need to buy $80 Canadian Goose jackets from the Shanghai Fake Market) but don't expect me to start dressing like a member of Kanye's Fish Dick crew.

3. A Warhol of Mao Ze Dong/ Fine Art in General

I already get enough people accusing me of being a communist simply for the fact I willingly live in China. I don't need The Chairman in my living room like he's Big Brother raising suspicious even higher. 

This is the only piece of artwork I've purchased in my life.

Meanwhile this painting is on e-bay for 1,000,000 USD.

How in the world is that worth $999,940 more than this?

The art world is whack AF. I'd be fine with just commissioning Buddha Ben and Trigdraws to ensure my walls aren't too boring.