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Amir Garrett Is Ready To Fight The Entire Pirates Organization Again - This Time Due To A Video Game

I love Amir Garrett and I am by no means a Reds fan. The dude played college hoops at St. John's and was a legit good hooper. Now he's obviously a major league pitcher on the Reds with a filthy slider and some heat. But more importantly he's a content machine - especially when it comes to the Pirates. Who could remember last season?

Not to mention giving us one of the most iconic pictures

So now Garrett is playing in the Player's League on the Show - a big time success. Who does he play tonight? Oh, Cole Tucker, just a shortstop for the Pirates doing the duties of a pitcher here. I love that he drilled him. Fuck the unwritten rules. You drill someone, you better be prepared. I was expecting Amir to start threatening him on air. I expect retaliation. He's awesome on the streams: 

I need Amir Garrett mic'd up at all times. I love that we now have a hit by pitch retaliation during The Show Player's League.