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Tiger King Got The Honest Trailers Treatment

Anybody who has logged onto the World Wide Web over the last month knows just how enormous the Tiger King phenomenon has been. Celebrities asking for roles in a movie and spinoffs popping up everywhere after 64 MILLION households tuning in on Netflix. But a piece of content has truly arrived when the dude with the badass voice from Honest Trailers rips it apart, which he clearly had no problem doing like a rabid tiger eating cheap Wal-Mart meat since some of the worst humans recorded on film play major roles in the movie. Despite the entire internet being in quarantine and having a full month to do nothing but pick Tiger King jokes clean from the body, I still got some good laughs off, which is all you can really ask for from Honest Trailer videos or pretty much anything these days (I also had no idea about the video of That Bitch Carole Baskin discussing how she removed cubs from their mothers, which was pretty much the least shocking thing ever).