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Wake Up With Matt Stairs Demolishing A Pitch From Sidney Ponson Onto Eutaw Street

Matt Stairs is exactly what I imagine when I think "beer league softball hero". I mean look at him. He looks like he works 12 hour shifts in some plant, heads to the softball field around 7, and hits bombs with cigs hanging out of his mouth and finishes it off with 24-36 cold ones in the parking lot after the game. I'm sure that's not too far off, at least the hitting bombs part. He's hit some mammoth home runs, including a few in the playoffs, but this one is one of my favorites. Stairs unloads on a Sidney Ponson pitch and sends it deeeeeeep onto Eutaw Street. I've seen this plaque on Eutaw Street a few times and it is no cheapy, folks. I love how Ponson stares at Stairs as he rounds the bases too. You aren't allowed to do that after a guy goes 400 feet off you, you fool. 

Ponson is a legend though. Here are just a few of memorable moments from Sidney Ponson's career.

- Once during a game when he wasn't pitching he was drinking in a suite on Club Level of Camden Yards.

- Punched a judge on a beach in Aruba

- Was knighted in Aruba

- Only going 1 1/3 and giving up 8 runs a day after LEAVING NEW YORK IN A LIMO to go to a Metallica concert IN BALTIMORE and then came BACK TO NEW YORK FOR HIS START.