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Ovi Playing Wayne Gretzky In NHL 20 Tonight Is So Wholesome

This is amazing. Ovi is playing a fan named Wayne Gretzky tonight in NHL 20 on Twitch for charity and he gets just as excited scoring on the sticks as he does in real life. Scoring to tie it with under 3 seconds remaining in regulation and going nuts. 

It's been a thrill to watch:

And I love that he gets stoked scoring as himself. "Guess who! Guess who!"

They've also raised $20k for charity from playing, which is pretty sick too

What a world where we have an Ovi vs Great One NHL 20 match. Technology is awesome that we can have these two just shooting the shit playing video games as themselves and we can watch the entire thing. Quarantine sucks but at least we get really cool things like this during it.