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Another Pickem? Oh Yes I Will

Whiskers have a little #pickem on a Wednesday night. As a treat.

Michael Jordan $5 (Remaining: $10)

Kareem's longevity is interesting. Knowing I'm pretty much guaranteed a spot in the Finals over the course of a decade with Magic or Bird is intriguing. And yet the choice is still obvious. It's Michael Jordan.

Hakeem Olajuwon $4 (Remaining: $6)

How could I turn down the opportunity to pair Jordan and Shaq? Because I'm thinking about what this team can be on the defensive end. There's only one ball, you know!!! In this hypothetical, young Shaq reads his omission and makes it his life's work to destroy my team. He was better as a primary option on offense.  I don't need that as per the above, I have Michael Jordan. I had Shaq as the ninth-best player of all time in our Mickstape Top 50. Defensively, he's probably underrated (three Second Team All-Defense spots) but he's no Hakeem. I had The Dream number eight all time. Hakeem had a run of 2.0 SPG and 3.7 BPG that lasted for 10 YEARS. He's first all-time in blocks and ninth in steals. Understand that he was in the same draft as the guy above and a team chose him. And everybody understood, now and then. Give me Hakeem.

Scottie Pippen $3 (Remaining: $3)

Pippen may be overpriced here in the sense that he's the only person in the $3 row that never won MVP. Still, I'm thinking defense so give me Pippen. Scottie played with both of these guys in real life too and as we know now with NBA stars: the only thing that matters is if you're friends. I've got a good bit of the 1990's All-Defense team here so I'm all set to start filling out my offense.

Gary Payton $2 (Remaining: $1)

I lied. I went with another former Defensive Player of the Year and the guy that maybe defended Jordan the toughest in the postseason. Payton was also no slouch on offense: a nine-year run of 21 PPG (47% FG) and 8 APG. This is the best defensive team of all time. Hakeem is in the post and Pippen is probably defending the other team's #1 guy. Payton gets the number two guy which leaves the other team's next option to deal with Michael Jordan. Good luck.

Dennis Rodman $1 (Remaining: $0)

There are some great $1 options. The correct answer is probably Reggie Miller for the spacing of my offense. But I can't in good faith put Reggie Miller on a team. After his analysis? After the "Caramel Cat" debacle? Won't do it. Nique would be great because the thought of he and Jordan running in transition is terrifying. Linking Penny/Shaq with Jordan/Pippen is tempting. But I'm clearly addicted to Defensive Players of the Year, so I'm going with The Worm. From 1987-1996, I have a total of six DPOYs on this team. Strangely enough, Pippen is the only one that didn't win one. I got scoring by the boatload. More than enough ball-handling and perimeter defense. Give me the rebounding boost and the guy with the seven rebounding titles. Rodman also never averaged an entire block or steal per game during any of his seasons and still has two DPOYs. He was LOCKING UP locking up. Now I'm not sure who defends the other team's fifth option. Jordan? I don't want him to get offended. Rodman? I don't want him to get bored and start getting weird. Hell, I'll do it. Me. Tyler, I'll defend fifth options with this bunch. 82-0

Michael Jordan- Hakeem Olajuwon- Scottie Pippen- Gary Payton- Dennis Rodman