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Can You Beat PFT & Brandon Walker In Trivia?

Our new trivia show, THE DOZEN, debuted on Tuesday and it was an insane battle as Mush and Eddie were the first to attempt the task of defeating Brandon and PFT in trivia...

Here are the questions typed out...

...and the answers are at the bottom of this page. Would you have defeated Brandon and PFT?

Well, tomorrow, the JEOPARDY! boys Tommy and Smitty will give it a go. For those who listen to Big If True on Barstool Radio, you know that Smitty is pretty good at trivia. Tommy is also a smart guy. Add in the caller for the second episode being Will from Denver, one of Big If True's best challengers and you have a solid team.

I still don't think they can beat Brandon and PFT, though.

Do you want to get involved? Keep watching THE DOZEN every Tuesday and Thursday at 11AM EST on Twitter and right here on the website and we will begin opening up contests for a chance to get on the show as the third teammate.

A reminder of the rules...
1. Brandon and PFT will square off in a 12 round trivia challenge against two Barstool employees
2. The challenging team will also get a Stoolie/Barstool fan as their third teammate
3. Each round both teams will get separate questions in the same category
- EX: If the category is football, both teams will get equally difficult/easy football-related questions
- Categories will range from sports to movies, music, TV, geography, history, and more
4. A correct answer gives each team one point, a wrong answer gives the other team a chance to steal
- The timer has yet to be determined, but roughly 30 seconds for a question, 10 seconds for a steal
5. The team with the most points at the end of Round 12 wins the game
6. A closest guess tie-breaker, with a simultaneous guess, will break any ties 

...and see you tomorrow!