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Barstool Jeopardy Showdown - Will Smitty Cheat At This Too?!?!

Me vs. Smitty vs. Ellie tonight. Smitty is looking for redemption after the cheating accusations from earlier. 

After some tinkering with the format, I think we should have this down. Every night at 7, we'll go live on the Barstool Gametime Twitter account through Periscope. It'll be me, Smitty, and rotating third guest who will be in for the entire week so we can get an aggregate score at the week's end. This week we have Ellie on to close out the week. 

The scoring is simple. +1 for right answers and -1 for wrong answers. First person to say it out loud gets the point. No need for "what is" answering format. If two people say it at the same time, they each get a point. If everyone says it at the same time, we all get a point. That tally is what you can wager at Final Jeopardy. If you're in the negatives heading into Final Jeopardy, then you can wager whatever you have to get back to zero if you want to risk it. If you're at -3, you can wager 3 to get to 0 or -6. 

We can't legally show Jeopardy on the stream, but you can hear our TVs in the background and watch along on hours. If you're on the east coast, play along with us. If you're behind, then watch early and impress everyone with your right answers later.