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Michael Jordan Was Actually Offered a Spot On Oakland's Major League Roster When He Went to Play Baseball

We all know the story of Michael Jordan going to play baseball, whether it was of his own volition or due to a secret gambling suspension from David Stern — it was definitely a secret gambling suspension from David Stern. Jordan signed with the White Sox, which were also owned by Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf, and spent a season in Double-A with the Birmingham Barons.

But it turns out Jordan turned down at least one offer which would have guaranteed him a spot in the Big Leagues. Former Oakland A's GM Sandy Alderson said he called Jordan's agent when he found out he was going to play baseball and offered MJ a spot on the A's Major League roster.

MLB — “That’s one that got away,” Alderson told ESPN’s Buster Olney. “It would have been fun, but it didn’t come to fruition. It wouldn’t have won us a World Series.”

Though Falk confirmed the offer to, he said it, unlike a Jordan dunk, never really got off the ground.

“I was excited about [the offer], and Michael was very appreciative,” Falk said. “But he wanted to do the baseball thing from the ground up. He didn’t feel he deserved a spot on the Major League roster and didn’t feel he was ready. He didn’t want to be a Herb Washington type who would just steal bases and be a part-time outfielder.”

That makes sense. I guess the competitor in Jordan wanted to make sure he was either going to make it to the Big Leagues on his own or not make it at all — plus he knew he was coming back to the NBA once his suspension was over anyway.

But what a story it could have been if we saw the greatest basketball player and possibly the greatest athlete of all-time in an Oakland A's uniform in a Major League Baseball game. Maybe we'll get to live this fantasy when Tim Tebow inevitably starts a game for the New York Mets.