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April 22nd Workout: I Have Washboard Abs Under This Jelly Roll Belly

April 22 Weigh-In: 312 lbs

It's Wednesday people! It's also hump day and core day. Under this jelly roll belly I'm developing washboard abs, just give it time. I don't think I could physically ever have a six pack but if I could get to a Daniel Cormier strong, dad bod type figure I'd be more than content. Some people had been asking my diet practices so I'll share. Every single morning I wake up and do the workout that I post here and follow it with two egg-whites and one slice of Ezekiel toast with organic peanut butter. That usually ends up being somewhere between 11-1 and then I eat dinner between 6-7 that consists of meat (preferably white meat), starch (brown rice or potatoes) and a veggie (I hate veggies but I been fucking with green beans). Eating healthier has probably been just as hard if not harder than the working out but it's all about discipline. I definitely still have small cravings to eat bad food but everyday they become less and less. After two full weeks it becomes habit and I'm hopeful after a month it's just a way of life. I'm getting close to that point but I want to keep pushing myself until it feels like it's hard to remember a time that I didn't live like this. Just taking it one step at a time. Here's today's workout:

30 Plank Arm Raises

30 Reverse Crunches

30 Long Arm Crunches

20 Second Plank Hold

60 Flutter Kicks

60 Heel Touches

30 Half Wipers

20 Second Plank Hold

60 Russian Twists

60 Bicycle Crunches

30 Leg Raises

20 Second Plank Hold

2.5 Mile Power Walk