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Video: Paramedics Pull a Quarantining 18-Year-Old Out of Her Washing Machine

Source - An innocent game of hide-and-seek took a wrong turn when one of the hiders unfortunately got stuck in a hiding spot.

Like many people in isolation amid COVID-19, Amari Dancy found herself bored and craving excitement, so she engaged in a game of hide-and-seek with her younger cousins.

What the 18-year-old thought was a clever hiding spot turned into a bit of a disaster after getting stuck in the laundry machine. 

Prince William County Fire and Rescue came to the teen’s aid. Footage of the incident was captured by Amari’s aunt who you hear in the video say 'kids will be kids.’

She told FOX 5, "Time to let kids go back to school please!"

We're not laughing at Amari Dancy. We're barely even laughing with her. Because this is one of those "there but for the grace of God" moments if ever there was one. 

We are all handling the quarantine in different ways. It's like we're all living our own personal answer to the great philosophical question, "What would you with all the time in the world?" What if you didn't have to work or go to school? What if you couldn't go to work or school? Some people are catching up on reading the classics. Others are learning languages or taking up musical instruments. It's been said that Shakespeare wrote "King Lear" while on lockdown during the Plague. 

But those are the rare exceptions. The rule is a lot closer to my girl Amari here. Stick anyone of us in a house with a bunch of younger cousins - or nieces and nephews - and by Day 30 the odds are a lot better someone is getting trapped in a major appliance than teaching ourselves French, playing Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik on the piano or exploring the theme of whether there is the possibility for justice in an inherently cruel world in three acts. 

Personally, my life hasn't changed much, aside from trying to work a little more. But even I'm losing it a little. And recognize on any given day I'm one New England IPA away from having a bunch of firefighters coming in to free me from the dryer or the dishwasher. So I'm not going to make fun of someone who lived it. Today Amari Dancy is all of us.