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If You Have A Problem With Jessie James Decker Walking Around Her Kids In Her Underwear, She Has A Problem With You

(Source)- Jessie James Decker is not here for the critical comments on her Instagram. The "Lights Down Low" singer took to her social media to fire back at haters leaving messages about her most recent photo. The picture shows Jessie holding a glass of wine while lounging on a chair in her underwear, slippers and a T-shirt.

"Tuesday," she captioned the social media snap, which also shows one of Jessie and Eric Decker's sons in the distant background. After seeing the photo, many Instagram users began to leave comments criticizing Jessie for her post. In response to one social media user who asked if Jessie walked "around like that" with her kids around, Jessie replied, "Yes. No different than a swim suit. I teach my children the body is beautiful [heart emoji] nothing to be ashamed of."

Another comment on Jessie's post reads, "Are you really that desperate for attention?" Jessie sarcastically replied to that comment, "Yeah, I don't get enough love. Can I get a hug? Another critic commented on Jessie's post, "Oh hey everyone please look at my body and tell me how hot I am." To which Jessie then replied, "Let's remain calm Susan."

TALK. THAT. SHIT. QUEEN!!! Every day during this fake world we live in is simply Survive and Advance in the daily Thunderdome that our hoouses have become. If the kids want Goldfish for breakfast or to watch Bubble Guppies until their eyes bleed, so be it. Because if you are trying to fight your kids, you are not going to survive or advance very long.

But to shame anyone, whether it's Jessie James Decker or a fat blogger like me, for walking around in their underwear at a time where everyone is exhausted and simply putting on underwear is an accomplishment should result in jail time. Let me be clear to the people somehow reading this without the sense of vision, Jessie James and I are not built the same. If I walk around in my underwear, it's going to give my kids nightmares about a lumpy boogie man for years. If Jessie James walks around in her underwear, it's going to give her kids a lesson on why taking care of your body is a good thing to do. But criticizing any parent for what they do during this daily Thunderdome makes you in the bottom tier of internet users with all the trolls and people who sell body parts on the dark web.

Okay, I apologize for that mental visual of me in my underwear. So lets admire JJD crushing various genres of clothing along with the LOL comment "Lets remain calm Susan", which I'm not sure is funnier if the person she was replying to was named Susan or not.