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Vin Scully Met the Stanley Cup For The First Time And It Was Vintage Vin Scully


AA – It’s always a great happening when two awesome things come together. That happened last night in Los Angeles where the most legendary active broadcaster in sports, Vin Scully, met one of the most legendary trophies in sports, the Stanley Cup. With the Los Angeles Kings winning the Stanley Cup, it made the short jaunt over to Dodger Stadium so Scully could see it for the first time. Of course, this being Vin, he told a story about being a hockey fan growing up and his favorite player – goalie Dave Kerr from the New York Rangers. In case you’re curious, Kerr played for the Rangers from 1934-1941 and won the Vezina Trophy in 1940. Scully also joked about the Kings making margaritas in the Stanley Cup, which is maybe the best use of the trophy in its illustrious history.

Scully is a treasure. Just a gem. He’s a guy who could talk to you for 100 hours straight and you’d never get tired of his voice or his stories, yes, much like myself. Golden pipes like you heard about. And now he met the Cup and did what Vin Scully does and told a great story about watching the 1940 New York Rangers. I can’t believe he was born in 1927 and still works every day. It’s so incredible. Not only to live to that age, but to be as sharp and good at his job as he still is. He’s a once in a lifetime guy.