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Sorry About The Heart Attack You Just Had While Looking At This Picture

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Whoops.  Sorry about that.  Sorry about causing your co-workers to rush to your side and watch you have a heart attack.  LOOK AT THAT THING.  LOOK AT IT. It’s glorious.  An underrated part of warm weather coming back around is crazy ass ballpark food.  Everybody talks about the sun and the beer and taking a ball game in the afternoon.  It’s all great.  All of it.  Then you get there and also remember, “Oh yeah, this is also a safe haven for people who want to eat super duper disgusting foods without having to worry about judgmental eyes looking at them.”  The Krispy Kreme donut dog would be illegal anywhere but a minor league baseball park.  It just would be.  Serve that at a local diner and the FDA storms that place like a SWAT team.  Serve it at a minor league baseball park and nobody bats an eye.  So if you live the are where they’re serving that beautiful hunk of heart attack, eat it and eat it with pride (TWSS).