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The Printer Scene From Office Space Belongs In The Hall Of Fame

I turned on my PS4 last night for the first time in awhile and immediately got hit with a 47 minute update. I know we talk a lot about updating PS4's around here but no one saw the 47 minute update coming. Not you. Not me. Not even Sony Michel so naturally there I am, ready to go off a deep-end when I instantly flash backed to the greatest moment in late 90's independent comedies. The copy/fax machine from Office Space getting bulldozed into a zillion pieces. The anguish and disgust that leads to the scene. The fact that long before I was your common man blogger, I routinely had to work several pieces of out-dated, mid-market commercial office equipment. At one point I calculated more hours spent during a given week managing the copy station than actually performing my stated job and no one cared because they let me bill the clients for Document Inventory or some bullshit. Really it was just me swapping out toner and taking the thing apart when one of the girls tried to scan more than 60 pages in one batch. That's fine for the Black & White feed Debbie but don't tell me you didn't read my memo on Color ScanningEveryone knows we have a hard limit but without fail I'm there every Friday morning staring at the piece of shit, trying to reconcile the life choices that lead me to that moment. 

That was a bad place. 

Office Space is an awesome movie. 

And this is a FIRE track:

PS - Bonus montage