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Gretzky Still Holds 60 NHL Records And That Is Absurd

I am never not blown away by Gretzky facts. People(Frankie Borrelli) like to shit on him now because when you watch the highlights the goalies just look so completely different(worse). That is all well and true, but Wayne was scoring a BAZILLION more points than anyone else in that same era. When you're so far ahead of your contemporaries it doesn't matter. And Gretzky did it for 20 years. He did it through the 80s and into the late 90s, the clutch and grab era. The era so bogged down by traps and stick work, and holding that Mario Lemieux basically retired because he was so disgusted by it. And yet...Wayne put up numbers

95-96...102 points

96-97...97 points

97-98...90 points and he finished 5th in MVP voting at 37 years old. 

There is a lot of talk about Ovechkin being on track to pass Gretzky for the all-time goal scoring record. I've been arguing with one of my buddies for about...6 years now about whether or not Ovi will do it. I never thought he could, but now I am giving up. Ovi is a machine. I think Ovi will chase that one down. He will just score 30 a year from the Ovi spot until he's 50 if he wants to. I don't care though because that allows me to bring up my favorite Gretzky could take away all of his goals and he'd still be the all-time leading scorer on assists alone. 

Ovi might eventually get the record. He will be Hank Aaron,  and Gretzky is Babe Ruth. 92 goals in a year is never going to be touched. 50 goals in 39 games will never be touched. 51 game scoring streak...untouchable. 215 points in a season FUCK. YOU. That is preposterous. 382 career playoff points...clutch gene. Untouchable. Basically any stat involving playoff scoring will be owned by Gretzky forever. You run down the list of his records and it just absolutely blows my mind every single time. The greatest there ever was or will be. 

PS: My official list for top 5 players ever

1) Gretzky

2) Orr

3) Crosby

4) Lemieux

5) Howe