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Wake Up With Gronk's (Patriots) Career Highlights

You watch these clips all edited together into a 10 minute package and it gives you an appreciation of all those moments when Rob Gronkowski was uncoverable, untackleable and utterly unstoppable. When 11 guys on an opposing defense were reduced to the velociraptors at the end of "Jurassic Park," trying to take down the T-Rex. And even two and three at a time, they simply had no shot. 

I grew up watching old NFL Films productions of career highlights from all time greats like Dick Butkus, Night Train Lane or Jim Brown or whomever, I could scarcely believe players that much better than their everyone else could've ever existed. It looked more like they were football cyborgs from the future, sent back in time to dominate smaller, less athletic, lesser men. And future generations will find it hard to believe a guy like Gronk could take over a game the way he did, watch videos like this and awe at his awesome might. So will I, and I never missed a single play.