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People Forget That Michael Jordan's Brother Larry Was Only 5'8 But Could Absolutely THUNDER In The Paint

If you got a taste of the 2nd part of the MJ doc like everyone else with a normal, functioning brain then you probably realized that a huge piece of MJ's success ties back to his brother Larry. You probably also remember James Jordan talking about how Larry didn't grow like Mike and how Mike's an anomaly and blah blah blah. No disrespect to the Jordan's but if there's a freak show in the family it isn't the 6'6 shooting guard from North Carolina. It's the 5'8 older brother with the 66 inch vertical. I mean seriously tell me 12 inches on Larry and he's not in the discussion for best Jordan in the family.

And while we're on topic yes I am absolutely obsessed with MJ's Bears crewneck sweatshirt. I'd risk every copyright law under the sun to recreate those if it were for the suits in compliance. Someone more creative than me find a legal work around and I'll send you a box of taco flavored pizza puffs. Please see dealer for complete details.

PS - Bring back the instructional videos. "Rebounding with Joakim Noah" would win an Oscar