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Sorry If You Could't Read The Scoreboard In Tonight's Cubs vs. White Sox Game

WSD and I twitched each other tonight Cubs vs. White Sox and while I can promise most of you don't give a fuck, I know there's a handful who really wanted to watch some baseball. Sure we're not breaking the Twitch live stream record or getting athletic departments to rethink their 2021 marketing budget but we're still having fun. Nothing wrong with a little off hour content provided the handful of people who actually tune in can read the scoreboard:

I don't know shit about this technology but that didn't stop the stream from loading up all 7 innings on WSD's face as the scoreboard. It's such a preposterously funny WSD move I am dying. I am actually dying. If you guys don't hear from me tomorrow it's because I'm dead. 

Where's Carl? 

Face down in my apartment, guts ripped apart from laughing at our stream staring into WSD's soul for an hour while we bitched at each other over a video game we both suck at. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I chose this path. 

Cubs won 8-4 btw. 

Follow us on twitch here and definitely tune in tomorrow to Barstool Chicago radio. I'm sure Eddie will have some questions for Dave that no one will want to miss.