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Wake Up With Pedro Martinez And Gerald Williams Brawling On The Mound

When I think of Pedro Martinez, I usually think of the 99 Fenway All Star Game or the Don Zimmer fight, but this fight is right up there too. Pedro vs Gerald Williams was actually a pretty good brawl. All started with Williams taking one off the wrist in the first inning of the game. Williams was checking his wrist like he was looking at his watch. Next thing you know he takes off for the mound. Pedro stands there like he's waiting for a sandwich or something, I mean it's the first inning why was he going to throw at Williams on purpose? Pedro ends up eating a right hand before Williams gets decked by two Red Sox. Big old dog pile on the mound, some more punches thrown, Williams walking around the outside of the fight looking for a way back in. He was ejected, and Pedro stayed in the game and ended up throwing an absolute GEM. 9 innings pitched, 1 hit (which was in the ninth), 0 runs, 0 walks, and 13 Ks. It seemed like Williams wanted to rattle Pedro and it literally did the opposite. One of the reasons why Pedro is arguably a top 2 pitcher of our generation.