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2020 is One Massive Glitch in the Matrix. But Julian Edelman Did Say He's Staying. So There's That

The Patriots Fans' Gronk Trade Stages of Grief:

  • 1) "I thought Gronk was done for good."
  • 2) "I really was always about playing with Brady, not for this team."
  • 3) Alcohol
  • 4) "Belichick will get a first rounder for him."
  • 5) "Belichick got a fourth rounder."
  • 6) All the alcohol.
  • 7) "What is this doing to Edelman???"

It's more than understandable. It's human nature. Those three have been through a lot together. Brady raised his two favorite target from pups. I can't think of a literary or film reference to three guys who join together to do great deeds, bond together and have hilarious adventures, but I'm sure there are some. So yeah, the thought of two thirds of The Three ... Teammates? Co-players? Locker Room Pals? ... I'll work on it ... back together again while Edelman is left behind is disheartening. 

New, Skinny Gronk will be catching Brady tosses under the clear blue sunny skies and hitting the beach after practices while Bruce Arians looks on with hearteyes behind his glasses. While Edelman is left behind, practicing outdoors in a snow squall in order to get ready for a road game in a dome. And afterwards he'll be in the position meeting room where Belichick breaks down film of all his 3rd down drops over the last 10 years. 

It's too sad to even contemplate. So how can you not wonder what it's like for him. But let's not forget one thing. His own words:

That is an internet promise, as legally binding as any written, oral or implied contract. He's not going anywhere except open in the secondary for Jarrett Stidham to hit between the numbers. And Stidham is ready.

Right? Tell me I'm right. Because every time I think 2020 can't get any worse, it does. Enough is e-goddamned-nough.