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Rapsheet Bomb: The Patriots Get a 4th Rounder for Gronk and a 7th

Not 10 minutes ago I was holding out dreams of Belichick holding the winning hand, bumping the pot up, pushing in all his chips and forcing a Tampa Bay team desperate to make Tom Brady happy emptying their pockets, taking off their Rolex and throwing it into the middle of the table. Their 14th overall pick and OJ Howard would've been a nice haul for a guy who Belichick owns all the rights to. 

Instead we get a fourth rounder, the 117th overall. And have to throw in one of their seventh rounders, either the 230th or the 241st. In other words, New England gets to move up either 113 slots or 124 slots, depending. In exchange for the greatest tight end ever to pay the game. 

Granted, he's underweight now. Just sat out a full season. And the last time he did play, he was good for 47 receptions and three touchdowns and as the year went on was as much of a decoy/third tackle as he was a pass catching threat. But still. 

I'm still hoping OJ Howard becomes part of this deal the way Brian Hoyer did in the Jimmy Garoppolo trade. Because they're need for a tight end has never been greater. I can only assume Belichick wanted to do Gronk a solid for all the years he produced here. It's the only explanation.

I'm less concerned right now with the idea of Gronk going to Tompa and lighting up the league as I am missing the days when Belichick would aggressively screw over any opposing team in a trade and the lions in their dens trembled at the sound of his voice on the other end of the phone. I just think when you have another team over a barrel, you owe it to yourself to dunk them in hold their head under til you get what you want.

P.S. Stop trying to make Tompa Bay a thing.