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The Lions Are Stuffing Their IT Director In A Winnebago Parked On The GM's Driveway For The Draft

Yep of all teams I expected to read this about it was 100% the Lions. Sure, it might (and I stress might) make sense to do this. But you know in typical Lions fashion this will backfire somehow, someway. The IT director will fall asleep in the Winnebago or oversleep at his house. I'm already picturing the headlines. There are just some guarantees in life and in the NFL. One of those guarantees is some weird shit will happen to the Lions. Every year, you never know what way it's going to happen, but it's going to happen. 

And if you aren't picturing an cousin Eddie situation, I don't want to know you: 

I'm so excited for this Draft. I've said it in multiple blogs now. I fucking love drafts. You ask me to participate in one? I'm in. Watching them? Yep. But now you're tossing in different things like people in different rooms and different houses. People trying to learn technology. Mistakes 100% going to be made. 

God bless the Lions.